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A transport database for the Ten-T in Turkey

The establishment of a “central database and a transport information management system (TIMS)” for the TEN-T in Turkey is the purpose of a service contract launched under the pre-accession programme (IPA) of the European Union on 23 September 2015.

The project is designed to create an innovative system – at the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications (MoTMC) - to monitor the performance indicators and data for transport and infrastructure per all modes of transportation, border crossings, road safety. In addition it will produce a set of transport analyses of the current state of the network and future needs and provide training and capacity building for the system users and other counterparts that are participating in the process.

The TIMS development process will include the description of the comprehensive transport network, identification of software and hardware requirements (GIS server and desktop software, database and Web-GIS application), data collection and population of the database and identification of a methodology for project investment prioritisation. The application will be available to authorised institutions via a Web browser. Institutional support will be provided to users via formal and on-the-job training, and through participation in study visits to relevant European institutions.
The deadline for receipt of applications is 30 October 2015 and the budget is Euro 2,521,000.

Source: Ted-tenders electronic daily (Supplement to the Official Journal of the EU).