• Logistics and Safety Systems
    Logistics and Safety Systems
  • Logistic and Traffic Impact Assessment
    Logistic and Traffic Impact Assessment
  • Passengers Impact Assessment
    Passengers Impact Assessment
  • Mobility Technological Solutions
    Mobility Technological Solutions
  • Risk Assessment
    Risk Assessment
  • Traffic Impact Study
    Traffic Impact Study
  • Risk Assessment
    Risk Assessment
  • Logistic and Traffic Impact Assessment
    Logistic and Traffic Impact Assessment
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    CO2 Evaluation
  • Energy and Environment Monitoring
    Energy and Environment Monitoring

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Business Areas

Marine Transportation and Logistics

Wide Pilot operates every day in logistics and marine transportation by carrying out domestic and international research and development projects, introducing new technological frameworks and contributing to move the frontier of innovation forward. In this sector, Wide Pilot provides high-technology products and solutions to meet its clients’ requirements in intermodality, safety and security and in tracing cargo and people. The company aims every day to improve the marine sector, by developing new products intended to optimize the performance of its main players, such as port authorities, shipping companies and port operators.


Rail and Urban Transportation and Mobility

The company pays special attention to safety and communication, developing innovation projects in integrated mobility, urban logistic and road safety and cooperating actively with domestic and international partners. After an in-depth analysis, we design traffic and transportation management models, developing cargo and people localization technologies in port and urban contexts.


Air Transportations and Cargo Solutions

Wide Pilot develops technological solutions designed to improve airport safety and security on the basis of big data analytics and predictive models, to put to more effective use commercial areas with people in transit and to optimize loading and unloading operations in the cargo area.



Wide Pilot is looking for solutions that, thanks to the most advanced technologies, guarantee utmost efficiency, compliance with rules and regulations and the reduction of CO2 emissions. It develop projects centred on the use of high-efficiency renewable sources and innovative equipment adopting advanced control systems. Modular and diffused systems consistent with a smart grid rationale make it possible, through their integration in conventional energy production systems, to distribute throughout the territory, energy derived from renewable sources, increasing energy efficiency.

In this context, the company's objectives R&D activity concern:

  • Modelling & Simulation
  • Energy Smart Management & Decision Support Management
  • Smart Communication per communities e gruppi industriali
  • Smart Mobility



Thanks to remote monitoring systems, Wide Pilot provides original technological solutions to its clients, to facilitate and accelerate decision-making processes within companies. WP monitors environmental matrices, developing integrated solutions, including retrofitting, to reduce and manage environmental impacts.