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Starting from R&D projects, Wide Pilot has developed private products to meet, with an industrial organization, client requirements.

Technological Solutions

  • End-to-end solutions for traceability of shipping logistics. New technologies to monitor cargo and people to improve the exchange of information related to loading and unloading operations.
  • Solutions for the energy sector. These are solutions to monitor fuel and gas transport: the project guarantees optimal energy management, reducing transportation risks.
  • Solutions for marine environmental protection. The project is designed to analyse temperature and pressure to detect leaks and to monitor pollution to protect the marine environment.
  • Mobility solutions. These include smart lighting solutions designed to upgrade the public lighting system through innovative technologies to improve road safety, to reduce energy consumption and to enable potential innovative services in the internet of everything (IoE) and in the broader context of smart cities.

Private Products:

  • Wide Trace: System to trace cargo and people;
  • CLO: Platform to monitor greenhouse gas emissions from transportation (Environmental Monitoring for Emissions Reduction and International Sustainability);
  • NEMBOS_DIVE: Platform for real-time monitoring of environmental parameters   (Business Linkages Network for Detection of the Environment).

Technological Skills

Over the past few years, WP has developed technological skills in the use of information and key data as a strategic factor in the transportation sector. Knowledge of customer data, the consumption of the various forms of transportation and the relevant pollutant emissions take a central role in the constant competition among operators only if data are stored and processed for forecasting purposes.


Data Model
Starting from a large variety of information sources, WP designs and defines data models based on the knowledge of the application domain and the evaluation of the relevant benefits in terms of response time and implementation costs.


Big Data
These data are processed through advanced analytical tools so as to create predictive models that might be used to evaluate:

  • propensity to use information;
  • actions promoting purchasing habits and higher security and safety levels in ports and airports and for urban mobility;
  • the optimization of operations along the logistic chain.

The predictiveness typical of Wide Pilot’s systems can be applied to:

  • the position of a vessel or a person;
  • telemetry;
  • hour/day;
  • utilization;
  • preferential pathways;
  • dwelling time;
  • sponsored data;
  • IoE;
  • cloud Services.

Open Data
Through the use of technologies with methods suited to the general context, and following open data policies, WP extracts structured data, creating value and predicting the most innovative trends and prospects in the areas of transportation and mobility.


Energy Management
Wide Pilot focuses on the processes to improve energy consumption through planning, implementing and monitoring. The methodology and specialized sector knowledge allow WP to operate to cut costs and to create virtuous examples of mobility at the service of local communities.

Smart Lighting Road Safety and security
Intelligent lighting, planned on the basis of the communities’ needs, optimizes lighting efficiency, reduces waste and introduces new and higher levels of security and safety for citizens, promoting low-impact mobility.