• Logistics and Safety Systems
    Logistics and Safety Systems
  • Logistic and Traffic Impact Assessment
    Logistic and Traffic Impact Assessment
  • Passengers Impact Assessment
    Passengers Impact Assessment
  • Mobility Technological Solutions
    Mobility Technological Solutions
  • Risk Assessment
    Risk Assessment

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Technological Solutions

  • End-to-end solutions for traceability of shipping logistics. New technologies to monitor cargo and people to improve the exchange of information related to loading and unloading operations.
  • Solutions for the energy sector. These are solutions to monitor fuel and gas transport: the project guarantees optimal energy management, reducing transportation risks.
  • Solutions for marine environmental protection. The project is designed to analyse temperature and pressure to detect leaks and to monitor pollution to protect the marine environment.
  • Mobility solutions. These include smart lighting solutions designed to upgrade the public lighting system through innovative technologies to improve road safety, to reduce energy consumption and to enable potential innovative services in the internet of everything (IoE) and in the broader context of smart cities.

Private Products:

  • Wide Trace: System to trace cargo and people;
  • CLO: Platform to monitor greenhouse gas emissions from transportation (Environmental Monitoring for Emissions Reduction and International Sustainability);
  • NEMBOS_DIVE: Platform for real-time monitoring of environmental parameters   (Business Linkages Network for Detection of the Environment).